Energy Storage Global Innovation Forum 2018 - Los Angeles, CA

Business Models and Technology Advances for Optimizing Grid-Scale and Behind-the-Meter Storage

The need to increase the reliability of solar and wind power, integrate distributed energy resources, and drive system efficiencies are compelling energy providers to evaluate options for grid-scale and distributed energy storage. In addition, industrial and commercial customers are leveraging behind-the-meter storage to reduce demand charges, ensure power quality, and move toward grid independence. Indeed, according to Navigant Research, global annual power capacity additions for utility-scale and distributed energy storage are expected to exceed 50 GW by 2026.*

The 2nd Energy Storage Global Innovation Forum, June 12-13, 2018 in Milwaukee is a unique opportunity to network with several hundred business leaders and technology innovators who are driving today's stationary energy storage market. The conference will examine the latest and most promising advances in grid-level and on-site storage, business models for various deployment scenarios, and success strategies for stakeholders across the energy spectrum. Both utility-grade storage advances as well as residential / behind-the-meter applications will be examined in depth over the two-day event.

Topics to be addressed include:
  • The latest grid-level energy storage technology advances to date
  • Lessons learned and field data from key pilots and case studies
  • The role of storage in energy security and the Digital Energy Transformation
  • Residential storage trials and applications
  • Leveraging storage advances to integrate solar, wind and distributed energy resources
  • Effective project evaluation, design and implementation
  • Business models and applications for solar + storage
  • Energy storage for off-grid and grid-connected microgrids
  • Regulatory and policy developments at the state and federal levels
  • System design, modeling, supervisory control, and EMS integration
  • Current regulatory and market drivers impacting the future of energy storage
  • And more

Emphasis on Innovation and Lessons Learned: Through a series of in-depth presentations and panel discussions, the event will examine the most recent technology developments and business models for utilities, energy providers and end users.

Objective & Authoritative: The Forum agenda is driven by practitioners and executives at a range of leading industry technology companies -- learn directly from the experts who are shaping the future of energy storage.

Strategic and Foward-Looking: The focus is on the real-world potential and impact of storage on existing networks and business models going forward -- critical insight for meeting the challenges of the evolving energy ecosystem.

Who Should Attend?

  • Utility executives and energy provider network managers
  • Commercial and industrial energy planners
  • Battery suppliers and energy storage technology innovators
  • Power control system and software vendors
  • Regulators and public policy professionals
  • Project developers and entrepreneurs
  • Solar PV, wind power, and renewable energy companies
  • University researchers and thought leaders
  • Finance and investment professionals

Join us in Milwaukee to explore exciting new opportunities in the expanding energy storage market -- Contact us today to get involved!

* Navigant Research, Country Forecasts for Utility-Scale Energy Storage and Country Forecasts for Distributed Energy Storage, 2018

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