energy storage conference

Speaking Opportunities

energy storage conference The Energy Storage Global Innovation Forum focuses on the latest technology advances and business models for the deployment of storage systems at the utility-scale as well as behind the meter in residential and commercial / industrial applications. A series of in-depth presentations and interactive panel discussions will examine the most recent storage advances, case studies, and lessons learned to date.

The session schedule and faculty of speakers is currently in development. Industry professionals who are interested in delivering a presentation or organizing a panel discussion session are encouraged to submit a proposal to To review a list of topics to be addressed at the event, please click here.

Guidelines for Submitting a Proposal

Seminar sessions are 75 minutes in length and typically feature three speakers, each presenting for approximately 20 minutes. Individuals who wish to deliver a presentation or organize a panel session with multiple speakers should submit the following:
    1. Speaker name, title, company, and contact information
    2. Presentation title (or title of panel session)
    3. Abstract of presentation or panel session (150 - 200 words)
    4. Speaker biography and photo
    5. Bullet list of 3-4 Key Learning Points from the presentation or panel session
Additional Guidance
  • We ask that proposals be non-commercial in nature. Submissions will be carefully reviewed by the Program Advisory Group to ensure depth of information and relevance to the program.

  • Sponsorship of Energy Storage Global Innovation Forum is not required in order to speak. However, there are a limited number of sponsorship options that do involve a speaking engagement. For more information, please contact us.

  • Presentations that emphasize case studies, best practices, and real-world results are encouraged.

For further information or to discuss a proposal, please contact us.