energy storage conference

Preliminary Agenda

energy storage conference The schedule of sessions and presentations for the Energy Storage Global Innovation Forum 2017 is currently being fianlized. Please check back shortly.

Industry professionals who are interested in delivering a presentation on one of the subjects below -- or a related topic -- are encouraged to submit a speaking proposal.

Business Issues, Market Trends and Drivers
  • Energy Storage Market Trends and Drivers
  • Front-of-Meter, Grid-Scale Projects, Pilots and Deployments
  • The Role of Storage in the Digital Utility Transformation
  • Energy Storage Uses on the Grid: Making the Business Case
  • Energy Storage in Microgrids
  • Behind-the-meter and Residential Applications
  • Storage, Virtual Power Plants, and the Internet of Energy
  • The Role of Storage in Renewable Energy Integration
  • Demand Side Management, Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Applications
  • Regulatory and Public Policy Developments: Ensuring a Well-Functioning Internal Market
  • Utilizing Storage to Achieve Energy Cost Reductions and Carbon Emission Control
  • Energy Storage for Mobility and the Grid of the Future
  • Future Role and Challenges of Energy Storage: Directions Forward
Current State of Utility-Scale and Residential Energy Storage Technologies
  • Flow Batteries
  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
  • Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage
  • Pumped Hydro
  • Beyond Li-Ion: Emerging Innovative Technologies and Applications
System Design, Implementation, Operations & Management
  • Designing and Planning for Energy Storage
  • Integration with smart grid and auto-demand response systems
  • Integrating Energy Storage into Exisiting Systems
  • Energy Storage Applications for Grid Resiliency and Recovery
  • System Interoperability and Standards Considerations
  • Coordinating and Managing Distributed Energy Resources
  • Enabling Behind-the-Meter Storage and Microgrid Systems
  • Battery Advances for Next-Gen Electric Vehicles