energy storage conference

Preliminary Agenda

energy storage conference The session schedule for the Energy Storage Global Innovation Forum 2017 is currently in development. Industry professionals who are interested in delivering a presentation on one of the subjects below -- or a related topic -- are encouraged to submit a speaking proposal.

Proposals to organize and chair a 75-minute panel session with multiple speakers are also welcome. For guidelines on submitting a proposal, please review the Call for Speakers.

Business Issues, Market Trends and Drivers
  • Energy Storage Market Trends and Drivers
  • Front-of-Meter, Grid-Scale Projects, Pilots and Deployments
  • The Role of Storage in the Digital Utility Transformation
  • Energy Storage Uses on the Grid: Making the Business Case
  • Energy Storage in Microgrids
  • Behind-the-meter and Residential Applications
  • Storage, Virtual Power Plants, and the Internet of Energy
  • The Role of Storage in Renewable Energy Integration
  • Demand Side Management, Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Applications
  • Regulatory and Public Policy Developments: Ensuring a Well-Functioning Internal Market
  • Utilizing Storage to Achieve Energy Cost Reductions and Carbon Emission Control
  • Energy Storage for Mobility and the Grid of the Future
  • Future Role and Challenges of Energy Storage: Directions Forward
Current State of Utility-Scale and Residential Energy Storage Technologies
  • Flow Batteries
  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
  • Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage
  • Pumped Hydro
  • Beyond Li-Ion: Emerging Innovative Technologies and Applications
System Design, Implementation, Operations & Management
  • Designing and Planning for Energy Storage
  • Integration with smart grid and auto-demand response systems
  • Integrating Energy Storage into Exisiting Systems
  • Energy Storage Applications for Grid Resiliency and Recovery
  • System Interoperability and Standards Considerations
  • Coordinating and Managing Distributed Energy Resources
  • Enabling Behind-the-Meter Storage and Microgrid Systems
  • Battery Advances for Next-Gen Electric Vehicles